Why Are We


Organic Certification

  • Biodynamic Growing Practices (Soil Health)
  • Highest Quality Non-GMO genetics grown from seed

Highest Quality Processing Methods

  • Solvent Free Co2 Processing (Cleanest & Purist Extraction Method)
  • Full Spec & Broad Spec only. (No residual solvents and no isolate used in products)
  • Certified Organic & CGMP certified facility

Experimental & Adventurous

  • A focus on growing newly developed hemp strains full of rare cannabinoids
  • High potency & exclusive CBG and CBDV oil blends
  • Distinct effects that are unique and different from your typical CBD oil

Forbidden V Hemp flower

This sour flower will have you feeling supremely serene and euphoric.
  • Extremely limited release
  • Organically grown Forbidden V hemp flower grown with ZERO pesticides.
  • Notes of mango, guava, coconut with hints of berry.
  • 40%-55% of the total cannabinoid fraction is high value CBDV
  • Large bright green flowers
  • Tantalizing and exotic tropical fruit aromas
  • Very low total THC production

Tropical flavor paradise meets the highest, fully legal CBD content variety available to humans. Rich aromas of mango, guava, and coconut merge with the berry notes to create what may become the most relaxing plant on the planet. 

Our Principles
& Values

We deliver by selecting superior genetics grown from seed & farmed using sustainable, biodynamic and certified organic growing practices, hand harvesting and processing to carefully preserve the utmost level of beneficial compounds so that our consumers gain maximum benefit, with a noticeable difference in taste and enjoyment. We find purpose through creating a healthier world naturally and purely and give back to the environment to prove our commitment to our planet.

We are not mass-produced because we refuse to sacrifice quality for profit.

The centuries-old healing powers of hemp brought to you through creative innovations & proprietary cannabinoid selection

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