Full Spectrum Oils

Our USDA certified hemp oils (tinctures) are made with only the highest quality cannabinoid-rich hemp along with Organic MCT Oil & Organic Essential Oils.

Focus CBG
Our CBG FOCUS tincture promotes calmness and ability to stay focused with improved resilience to obstacles. Many people experience improved energy levels and mental clarity.
optimism & motivation
negativity & procrastination
Best For
Increasing mental clarity and reducing social anxiety
before exercise or at work
Bliss CBDV
If you`re curious about trying a rare and exclusive cannabinoid with uplifting effects, our BLISS CBDV+CBD tincture is a great way to experience the effects of CBDV. Experiences include: a surge of euphoria, a warm sense of relief and being more in the moment.
sociability, creativity & euphoria
boredom & fatigue
Best For
boosting mood and pleasure
at concerts, parties & relaxed social situations
Relax CBD
Our high CBD blend, RELAX, promotes an increase in feelings of well-being and contentment while providing a significant reduction in feelings of anxiety and stress caused from work and daily life. Users report that RELAX helps them fall asleep and encourages a deeper night's sleep.
well-being & better sleep
stress & anxiety
Best for
managing daily stress
while relaxing after work

More About
Oil Tinctures

Our high-potency CBD, CBDV and CBG oils are blended with MCT oil for maximum bioavailability. These tinctures are ingested by using a dropper to dispense the oil under the tongue.

We offer 1oz/30ml bottles with the flavor options of Natural, Peppermint and Citrus, available in various potencies.

There are many types of hemp or CBD Oil for sale and not all contain what they claim. Be sure to confirm the origin and only trust oil that publishes verified certificates of analysis to ensure you're getting the potency and quality you expect.