Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is incredibly rare in nature and has only been found in trace amounts in cultivated hemp up until now. Thanks to recent advances in hemp genetics, growing significant amounts of this high value cannabinoid has become a reality!

CBDV is similar in molecular structure to CBD but with one major difference. CBDV has a shorter propyl chain of 3 carbon atoms while CBD has a longer pentyl chain of 5 carbon atoms. CBDV’s shorter “molecular tail” causes it to bind to different receptors so its beneficial effects are achieved via different pathways from traditional CBD. It is also thought that CBDV’s shorter structure causes it to have stronger affects for a shorter duration of time compared to CBD.
Due to their overall structural similarity, there is significant overlap of benefits between CBD and CBDV. However, when taken together, they enhance each other for a wider range of effects than either cannabinoid could achieve on its own (Entourage Effect).

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